Reality Bites

Includes the films: This Is Her by Katie Wolfe, Dog Fixation by Patrick Bencomo, and Ten by Jules Janaud, Fabrice Le Nizet and Francois Roisin

Bleed to Love Her

Includes the films: Shadow of a Doubt by Esben Tonnesen and Ellie, After the Love by Vincent Guillemot

Just a Girl

Includes the films: Missed by Guy Ducker, River Child by Damian Wood, and Pink by Ed Gass-Donnelly

You Sexy Thing

Includes the films: Pierre, a Hole with a View by Dan Brown, Mickey and Maria by Steffen Reuter, and The Aviatrix by Virginia T. Burton

Intelligent Design

Includes the films: One Rat Short by Alex Weil, The Cathedral by Tomek Baginski, and Mirage by Youngwoong Jang

Stand by Me

Includes the films: Room 10 by Andrea Buchanan and Jennifer Aniston and Wherever You Are by Nicolas Tapia

One Life to Live

Includes the films: Chicxulub by Malona Voigt and Manon on the Asphalt by Elizabeth Marre and Olivier Pont

Anarchy in the U.K.

Includes the films: I Am Bob by Donald Rice, Heap of Trouble by Steve Sullivan, and Goodbye Mr. Snuggles by Jonathan Hopkins