One Life to Live

65 million years ago the Chicxulub meteor collided with the earth and erased 75% of all living species. Tonight, Ted and Maureen receive a phone call that their daughter has been hit by a car. These two tragedies begin to intertwine. Ted and Maureen are about to rediscover the power of fate. Written and directed by Malona Voigt. Chicxulub is based on the New Yorker magazine short story by T.C. Boyle. Principal cast: Joel Swetow and Susan Tierney.
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Manon on the Asphalt
What will flash before your eyes at the end of your life? It’s a lovely spring day and Manon is on her way to a rendezvous with her boyfriend until an unexpected bump in the road has her seeing life from an entirely different perspective. As everyone gathers around the accident, Manon’s thoughts wander. It must be easy to die in Paris in the springtime. Written and directed by Elizabeth Marre and Olivier Pont. This 2009 Academy Award nominee won top prize at the Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival in 2008. Principal cast: Aude Leger, Bastien Ehouzan, Yves Lecoz, Edouard Raix and Michele Leger.

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