New World Disorder

Includes:iMom by Ariel MartinFoxes by Lorcan Finnegan

Can You Fly?

Includes the films: 5 Meters 80 by Nicolas Deveaux, 9 Meter by Anders Walter, and Dust by Ben Ockrent and Jake Russell

Beyond Infinity

Includes the films: Entity by Andrew Desmond and Orbit Ever After by Jamie Stone

The Games People Play

Includes the films: Prey Alone by James Mather and Stephen St. Leger and Pony Place by Joost Reijmers

Future Shock

Includes the films: The Gate by Matt Westrup and Peaceforce by Peter Gornstein

You Should Be Paranoid

Includes the films: Out of Erasers by Eric Rosenlund and 88:88 by Joey Ciccoline

Gone but Not Forgotten

Includes the films: Passing Hearts by Johan Brisinger and Want To See Something by Tomas Jonsgarden

Frozen in Time

Includes the films: Dilemma by Boris Pavel Conen and The Speed of the Past by Dominique Rocher

We’re Desperate (Get Used To It)

Includes the films: Checkmate by Navarro Aydemir, Northeast Front by Angela Torres Camarena, and A Doctor's Job by Julio Ramos

Psycho Killer

Includes the films: Interview by Sebastian Marka and The Piano Tuner by Olivier Treiner

The Company of Men

Includes the films: Break a Leg by Jesse Shamata and The Candidate by David Karlak