The Company of Men

This episode includes:

Break a Leg by Jesse Shamata
The Candidate by David Karlak

Break a Leg
Are you a folder or a crumpler? While eating breakfast in a café, a hit man asks his next victim this unusual question. The tightly wound assassin simultaneously threatens and regales his companion about his startling beliefs about human behavior. Only when he gives his ultimatum do we learn the shocking identity of his next casualty. Written and directed by Jesse Shamata. Principal cast: Chuck Shamata, Gage Munroe and Conrad Bereschneider.
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The Candidate
A man’s worth can be judged by the caliber of his enemies. In the cutthroat world of big business, no truer words have been spoken. Burton Grunzer, a hyper-aggressive and confident dealmaker, lives in the pressure cooker of a Fortune 500 company. A bumbling co-worker is protected by someone high up and his blunders in the board room are damaging Burton’s reputation. As luck would have it, Burton is contacted by a secret organization called the Society for United Action. Intrigued, he agrees to meet with a representative from the society with an interesting proposition. If you could kill off your most aggravating co-worker and get away with it, would you? Directed by David Karlak. Principal cast: Tom Gulager, Thomas F. Duffy, Robert Picardo, Meghan Markle, and Vyto Ruginis.
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