Lost and Found Love

Includes the films: Mr. Hublot by Laurent Witz, Lucy by Zoe Lubeck, and West of the Moon by Brent Bonacorso

Love Never Dies

Includes the films: Love at First Sight by Michael Davies and Romance by Douglas Boswell

Be Still My Heart

Includes the films: Voice Over by Martin Rosete and Rhino Full Throttle by Erik Schmitt

New World Disorder

Includes:iMom by Ariel MartinFoxes by Lorcan Finnegan

Boy Meets Girl

Includes the films: 97% by Ben Brand, Mickey and Maria by Steffen Reuter, and Man in Suit by Anna van der Heide

Not the Same Without You

Includes the films: We Keep on Dancing by Jessica Barclay Lawton and The Phone Call by Mat Kirkby

Can You Fly?

Includes the films: 5 Meters 80 by Nicolas Deveaux, 9 Meter by Anders Walter, and Dust by Ben Ockrent and Jake Russell

Beyond Infinity

Includes the films: Entity by Andrew Desmond and Orbit Ever After by Jamie Stone

The Family Dynamic

Includes the films: Boogaloo and Graham by Michael Lennox and Head Over Heels by Timothy Reckart

Behind the Veil

Includes the films: What Can I Wish You Before the Fight? by Sofia Babluani and After the Class by Fereshteh Parnian Zad