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What Can I Wish You Before the Fight? by Sofia Babluani
After the Class by Fereshteh Parnian Zad

What Can I Wish You Before the Fight?
Marie, adopted at the age of five under strange circumstances, lives in the French countryside with her father and younger sister. Unable to talk since the day she arrived, her father encourages the slow progress she is making with her speech therapist. One fateful evening, the family finds a strange young girl hiding in their barn. On the run from the law, this stranger will change Marie’s life forever and bring her hidden past into sharp focus. Written and directed by Sofia Babluani. Principal cast: Aziza Arslanova, Liana Babluani, Jean-Louis Coulloc’h and Nastassia Legrand.
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After the Class
In this emotionally nuanced family drama, a high school teacher’s day begins with the good news of a promotion. But later, her independently minded daughter brings less welcome news. A universal story about what freedom and independence means for a modern day woman. Written, edited and directed by Fereshteh Parnian Zad. Principal cast: Fereshsteh Sadr Orafaei and Sadaf Sadri.
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