That Girl Is Crazy

Includes the films: The Cyclist by Morgan Krantz and Person to Person by Dustin Guy Defa


The Real World

Includes the films: The Herd by Ken Wardrop, Kinda Sutra by Jessica Yu, and Ghost Train by James Fleming and Kelly Hucker


Boy Meets Girl

Includes the films: 97% by Ben Brand, Mickey and Maria by Steffen Reuter, and Man in Suit by Anna van der Heide


The Dance of Life

Includes the films: Tango Underpants by Miranda Edmonds and Khrob Edmonds and Tanghi Argentina by Guido Thys


Humor Me

Includes the films: Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? by Selma Vilhunen, No Comment by Alexandra Naoum, The Date by Jenni Toivoniemi, and The Op Shop by Lee Rogers


Love Fool

Includes the films: 0507 by Chris and Ben Blaine, Lunch Date by Sasha Collington, and Gemology by Rick Limintani


Cry for Love

Includes the films: Division Of Gravity by Rob Chiu, New Year by Thomas Hartmann, and Falling Apart by Jasper Wessels


Stop Making Sense

Includes the films: Mr. Foley by Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman, Short Film About Ice Fishing by Jason Shahinfar, We Love Our Clients by Beppe Tufarulo, and Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak


Another One Night Stand

Includes the films: The Pick Up Artist by Steffen Weinert and Saturday Girls by Emilie Cherpitel


Love Comes Crashing Down

Includes the films: Sorry, Destiny by Neda Morfova, Separations Agency by Shane Morton, The Screamers by Roberto Perez Toledo, Crazy Glue by Elizabeth Orne, and Connection by Jennifer Leacey


Modern Times

Includes the films: Das Tub by James Cunningham, Watching by Max Myers, and Above the Knee by Greg Atkins


Love Is Complicated

Includes the films: After the Credits by Josh Lawson and Anything for You by Laura Belsey