The Real World

This episode includes:

The Herd by Ken Wardrop
Kinda Sutra by Jessica Yu
Ghost Train by James Fleming and Kelly Hucker

The Herd
A farmer has to deal with many unexpected situations, but when he encounters an animal with an identity crisis, he is a bit flummoxed as to how he should respond to the situation. Directed by Ken Wardrop and featuring his parents.
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Kinda Sutra
Where do babies come from? Mixing animation and taped interviews, this humorous documentary poses this question to a variety of adult and youngsters who explore their earliest understanding of sex, conception and how the two, a… intersect. With affection, laughter and nostalgia for youth’s lost naivete, the subjects recall some of their earliest encounters pertaining to sex and how babies get made. Directed by Academy Award winner Jessica Yu.
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Ghost Train
An elderly man struggling to cope with his wife’s dementia is drawn into a macabre cabaret theatre where he becomes captivated by the lead actress. The short documentary shows the many forms of love and how one can find happiness in unexpected places. Directed by James Fleming and Kelly Hucker.
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