Boy Meets Girl

This episode includes:

97% by Ben Brand
Mickey and Maria by Steffen Reuter
Man in Suit by Anna van der Heide

Finally, technology has now been able to help us find love. Via an app on his phone, single and ready to mingle, Bert gets a notice that the girl of his dreams is nearby. Now, all he has to do is find her before the subway train reaches the end of the line… easier said than done. Directed by Ben Brand. Principal cast: Bert Hana, Thirsa van Til and Laura Branderhorst.
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Mickey and Maria
Twenty-year-old Maria goes to a birthday party in hopes of escaping her troubles. She has just broken up with her immature boyfriend and has become disenchanted with men and love. Just when she is ready to give up on love, a precocious nine-year-old Mickey, who knows a good thing when he sees it, offers her the most romantic proposal ever. Directed by Steffen Reuter. The filmmaker was going for a nostalgic look with the film and decided to shoot it on a very old 8mm home movie camera. Principal cast: Stefanie Stappenbeck and Max Schmuckert.
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Man in Suit
United States
A busy woman is at her wit’s end with her family. Her children don’t appreciate all the things she does for them. When her husband forgets to tell her that he has to work on the family’s planned day to visit the amusement park, she reaches the end of her rope. She decides to seize the day. Now it’s Mommy time. Directed by Anna van der Heide. Principal cast: Maria Kraakman, Nick Livramento Silva, Rover Van Gennep, Roosmarijn Van der Hoek, Ali Ben Horsting.
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