All American Shorts

Includes the films: God of Love by Luke Matheny, Blue Boy by Alex Jablonski, Chicken Heads by Bassam Ali Jarbawi, and Bunny by Robert Snow

Marriage is a Sentence

Includes the films: Conversation Piece by Joe Tunmer, This Is Christmas by Alex Norris, and Seeds of the Fall by Patrik Eklund

That’s My Boy

Includes the films: Franswa Sharl by Hannah Hilliard and Parachute by Lucas Fleischer and Paul Grellong

Living in Dangerous Times

Includes the films: Happy Sushi by Andy Green, Careful with that Axe by Jason Stutter, The One Last Time by Scott Weintrob, and Park by Thierry Espasa

When Sparks Fly

Includes the films: White Night by Arev Maoukian, Diplomacy by Jon Goldman, As the Rain Was Falling by Charlotte Joulia, and Moore Street Masala by David O'Sullivan