When Sparks Fly

This episode includes:

White Night by Arev Maoukian
Diplomacy by Jon Goldman
As the Rain Was Falling by Charlotte Joulia
Moore Street Masala by David O’Sullivan

White Night
What does it look like when your heart skips a beat? Set in a black and white city, this stunning film captures the precise moment of connection between two strangers attracted to each other with such magnetism that nothing can keep them apart. Director and editor Arev Maoukian shows how CGI can be used for purposes other than just aliens and robots. Love is the most amazing special effect. Principal cast: Michael Coughlan and Megan Lindley. The beautiful music was composed by Samuel Bisson.
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The U.S. Secretary of State and Iranian Foreign Minister don’t trust each other. Their antagonistic relationship has reached a boiling point. As the diplomats dig in their heels, it falls upon their interpreters to keep the meeting on track. The art of negotiation is used creatively and humorously when politics gets mixed with mutual attraction. Written and directed by Jon Goldman. He based the film on his previous job which required translating movie scripts from French to English. Principal cast: Michelle Forbes, Navid Negahban, Omid Abtahi and Nazanin Boniadi.

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As the Rain Was Falling
A storm breaks. A woman takes shelter under an archway where a man is also waiting for the rain to subside. Everything stops for a moment when their eyes meet. It may be raining, but the temperature starts to rise and sparks start to fly. Written, directed and produced by Charlotte Joulia. Principal cast: Laetitia Reva and Bernard Yerles.

Moore Street Masala
A shop clerk falls for the sexy real estate agent across the street. He sells her lunch. She steals his heart. There is only one way for him to express how he feels … we’re going Bollywood! Dublin’s famous Moore Street market is shaken to its core with a spectacular dance finale featuring over 300 dancers rivaling Slumdog Millionaire. Love is a big production — as if we needed proof. Written, directed and edited by David O’Sullivan. Principal cast: Deva Naidu and Anna Wilson.
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