Season 10


We’re Desperate (Get Used To It)

Includes the films: Checkmate by Navarro Aydemir, Northeast Front by Angela Torres Camarena, and A Doctor's Job by Julio Ramos


School Days

Includes the films: First Match by Olivia Newman and Public by Jeannie Donohoe


Last Flight

Includes the films: North Atlantic by Bernardo Nascimento and Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46 by Anthony Vouardoux


Innocence Lost

Includes the films: Crossing Salween by Brian O'Malley and Fences by Tim Dean


Love Comes Crashing Down

Includes the films: Sorry, Destiny by Neda Morfova, Separations Agency by Shane Morton, The Screamers by Roberto Perez Toledo, Crazy Glue by Elizabeth Orne, and Connection by Jennifer Leacey


Modern Times

Includes the films: Das Tub by James Cunningham, Watching by Max Myers, and Above the Knee by Greg Atkins


Psycho Killer

Includes the films: Interview by Sebastian Marka and The Piano Tuner by Olivier Treiner


The Company of Men

Includes the films: Break a Leg by Jesse Shamata and The Candidate by David Karlak


Mind Benders

Includes the films: Colour Bleed by Peter Szewczyk, West of the Moon by Brent Bonacorso, and Egg Breakers by Emanuel Strixner


Color My World

Includes the films: Nullabor by Alister Lockhart and Patrick Sarell, Maximall by Axelle Cheriet, Hadrien Ledieu, Nawel Rahal, and Axel Tillement, and Graffitiger by Libor Pixa


Love Is Complicated

Includes the films: After the Credits by Josh Lawson and Anything for You by Laura Belsey


The Golden Years

Includes the films: The Birthday Circle by Philip Lepherd, Love at First Sight by Michael Davies, and Danny & Annie by Mike and Tim Rauch