School Days

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First Match by Olivia Newman
Public by Jeannie Donohoe

First Match
In the testosterone-fueled sport of wrestling, Mo faces one of her toughest battles preparing for her first match on the boys team. Her father, a former outstanding wrestler himself, doesn’t think a girl has what it takes to wrestle. Not only does Mo have to battle for the respect of her male teammates, but also for the respect of her father. Written and directed by Olivia Newman. Principal cast: Nyasa Bakker, Anslem Richardson, Zach Lombardo, and Juan Freire.
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When Sharde is forced to show up for Mrs. Harrington’s after school program, the lessons become personal. Image is everything in high school. Teenagers can be cruel and rumors spread like wildfire in the hallways. Their adversarial relationship takes on a new light when each one has surprising secrets revealed during detention. Can they trust each other to keep each others secret? Written and directed by Jeannie Donohoe. Principal cast: Anne Sorce, Shanice Spencer, Stanley Rodriguez, and Phyllis Johnson.
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