Mind Benders

This episode includes:

Colour Bleed by Peter Szewczyk
West of the Moon by Brent Bonacorso
Egg Breakers by Emanuel Strixner

Colour Bleed
A young creative and idealistic girl dreams of brighter days in a dim Eastern European city. Her fate is inextricably sealed when she crosses paths with a scheming and enigmatic old woman, who harbors a dark secret. A cold act of cruelty will fracture the very foundations of a city. Directed, written, produced, and edited by Peter Szewczyk. Peter has contributed his talents to the feature films Harry Potter, Shrek, Star Wars, Ice Age and Avatar. This is his directorial debut. Principal cast: Anna Barry and Milla Karkkainen.
– Visit the film’s website at colourbleed.com.
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West of the Moon
The memory of a long lost love triggers an old man to recall the odd set of circumstances that led to his having a grenade as a heart and a monkey inside his head. A wildly inventive and visually amazing film inviting comparisons to the work of Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton. The film is directed by Brent Bonacorso and based on the book of children’s essays entitled The Colored Monster Has No Mouth by Roger Omar. Principal cast: Jacob Whitkin, Michael Garbe, Amber Noelle, and Christopher Tomafelli. West of the Moon won the top prize at five film festivals in 2011.
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– See the film’s IMDb entry at imdb.com.

Egg Breakers
A game of one-upmanship gets out of hand. In a surreal landscape two creatures learn that if eyelids were lips at the same time, they would also be able to lay eggs … say what?! Animated by Emanuel Strixner.
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