A Higher Power

Glenn Owen Dodds

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Glenn Owen Dodds by Frazer Bailey
Touch by Jen McGowan

Glenn Owen Dodds
Who is Glenn Owen Dodds? Conman? Charlatan? Or is he as he says — the creator and ruler of the universe? A skeptical young man has serious doubts until Glenn starts revealing facts the young man has never told anyone. He may in fact be meeting his maker, but his meeting is only going to last five minutes. If you only had a few minutes with God, what would you ask him? Directed by Frazer Bailey. Principal cast: David Wenham, Abe Forsythe and Bella Heathcote.
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– To read an interview with the filmmaker, go to glennowendodds.com.
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Sometimes standing on the edge can be very inviting. Everyday millions of people pass each another by walking to work oblivious to one another. While waiting for a subway train, a commuter makes a shocking statement to the person next to her and learns how a simple act of kindness can alter one’s life. Sometimes the most important connection in your life happens with a complete stranger. Directed by Jen McGowan. Principal cast: Lily Knight and Rachel Kanouse.
– To learn more about the film, go to touchthefilm.com.

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