Marriage is a Sentence

This episode includes:

Conversation Piece by Joe Tunmer
This Is Christmas by Alex Norris
Seeds of the Fall by Patrik Eklund

Conversation Piece
Jean notices a chip on a treasured vase. She accuses her husband. He, of course, denies it. Employing a variety of tactics, she gets him to confess. This ingenious musical, written and directed by Joe Tunmer, matches every syllable of dialogue to every note from a 1966 improvised recording entitled “Conversation Piece” by cornetist Rex Stewart. Principal cast: Celia Imrie and John Henshaw.
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This Is Christmas
The table has been set for a beautiful romantic dinner. Unfortunately, the first course includes a heaping helping of deeply buried resentment — a dish that is best served very, very cold. The next time you are invited to a Christmas dinner, be sure to try the parsnips. A black comedy written and directed by Alex Norris. Principal cast: Maggie Saunders and Colin Campbell.
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Seeds of the Fall
Middle-aged Rolf and Eva live in a passionless relationship full of sexual frustration. Then a like a bulldozer, in fact, a real bulldozer … comes to shake up their lives forever. It’s at this point that next-door neighbor Glenn comes knocking with a rather unusual offer. Welcome to the quirky, off-kilter world of writer/director Patrik Eklund. The film won top prize at the Cannes Film Festival and was short listed for a 2011 Academy Award. Principal cast: Jacob Nordenson, Anki Larsson, Daniel Rudstedt, Camilla Larsson and Svante Grundberg.
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