Never Take No for an Answer

This episode includes:

Grounded by Alexis Michalik
Selma by Mohamed Ben Attia

Evelyne needs to travel to London for her mother’s funeral. But at the airport, she can’t produce her newborn baby’s ID. She is not allowed to board her plane. But with the help of Stephanie, a young air hostess, they will fight the inflexible airport rules and bureaucratic red tape. It is a race against time. Will she make it before the gate closes? Written and directed by Alexis Michalik. Principal cast: Stephanie Stephanie Caillol, Evelyne El Garbi Klai, Anne Loiret and Laurent Mentec.
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After the accidental death of her taxi-driver husband, Selma decides to become master of her own life by taking over his taxi business. She comes up against the Kafkaesque procedures of Tunisian bureaucracy and the heavily entrenched patriarchal society. With quiet determination, she also faces her conservative Muslim in-laws who continue to dictate the way she should behave. Facing difficult odds, she fights to break free. Written and directed by Mohamed Ben Attia. Principal cast: Nejma Zeghidi, Rafiaa Boutekkine Belhoute and Asma Fallah.

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