Not the Same Without You

This episode includes:

We Keep on Dancing by Jessica Barclay Lawton
The Phone Call by Mat Kirkby

We Keep on Dancing
A deep human connection is made — in of all places — in an auto repair shop among men who have never met before. A distraught man with a rundown Volkswagen Beetle comes into the Rainbow Mechanics repair shop with an unusual request. The men in the shop come to the realization that breakdowns happen to more than just cars. Directed by Jessica Barclay Lawton. Principal cast: John Brumpton, William Gluth and Rhys Mitchell.
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The Phone Call
Heather is shy and spends her days working at a helpline call center. When she receives a call from a distraught man, she has no idea the encounter will change her life forever. Featuring an amazing performance by Sally Hawkins (who did this film right after her Oscar nominated performance in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine), the film will resonate with anyone searching for a true companion. The film won the 2015 Oscar for best short film. Written and directed by Mat Kirkby. Principal cast: Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent.
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