Frozen in Time

This episode includes:

Dilemma by Boris Pavel Conen
The Speed of the Past by Dominique Rocher

A jogger and a boy on a bicycle challenge each other to a race. The runner stops at a busy intersection as a truck approaches. The runner stops but the small boy pedals on. For a couple of minutes the world comes to a standstill as the jogger discovers he has the power over life and death — but whatever he decides comes with a price. Written and directed by Boris Pavel Conen. Principal cast: Marcel Hensema, Thom Van Seijen and Jack Bontekoe.
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The Speed of the Past
Margo and Joseph move into a new house in need of TLC. Joseph slips from the roof as he is making a repair. Time literally stops and he is stuck in mid-air. While he is frozen in time, Margo’s life continues on. Her loss not only stays with her emotionally, but physically, as she is reminded of it every day. How long must she wait until the day things return as to how they once were? Directed by Dominique Rocher. Principal cast: Melanie Thierry, Nicolas Giraud and Alban Lenoir.
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