Starting Over

This episode includes:

Even Gods by Phil Harrison
Jonny Boy by Laura Way

Even Gods
Recovering alcoholic Hughie has been living in a long-term homeless shelter for as long as he can remember. But when his long forgotten daughter contacts him out of the blue and wants to see him for the first time in 13 years, the long buried wounds of the past come back into sharp, painful focus. A heart-wrenching tale about the power of reconciliation with a tour de force performance by lead actor Lalor Roddy. Written and directed by Phil Harrison. Principal cast: Lalor Roddy, Laura Thompson and Lois Turkington.
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Jonny Boy
After a lifetime of love, faithfulness and loyalty, Jonny’s terminally ill wife confesses a secret that she has kept secret for thirty five years. A secret stash of letters takes Jonny on a journey of discovery of feelings that had long since been denied, but never forgotten. Directed by Laura Way. Principal cast: Jon Polito, Kathleen Tierney, Ronan Wilmot and Irene Wright.
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