Just a Girl

Will is shocked when he’s told that a girl who worked in his office died while away on holiday. He feels a sense of loss and regret for not having taken the time to get to know her better. The next day he’s even more surprised when he sees her walking passed the window of the cafĂ© in which he’s sitting. He can now make amends, but is he too late? Written and directed by Guy Ducker. Principal cast: Jalaal Hartley, Sarah-Jane Pitts and Dan Mersh.
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River Child
On a hot summer’s day, two girls head for the river to cool off. The self-assured Janice is almost a woman. The dreamy Katie is still a child. A dramatic event by the river alters the destiny of one of the girls forever. The film won the Scottish equivalent of the Academy Award in 2008. Directed by Damian Wood. Principal cast: Gemma Houston, Sinead Carroll and Darren Russell.
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Set in 1976 apartheid South Africa, a ten year old white girl attends the funeral of her black nanny, killed during a protest march. Sympathies shift swiftly in this stark examination of how politics are truly lived. Directed and edited by Ed Gass-Donnelly who made his start directing in the theater. Pink was originally created as a theater piece. Principal cast: Marian Wihak.

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