You Sexy Thing

Pierre, a Hole with a View
Vermin need love, too. Follow the trials and tribulations of a French mouse and his gorgeous new roommate. Never mind that the roommate is human. As the saying goes, one doesn’t always choose who you fall in love with. A charming love story about unrequited love inspired by the classic animations from Warner Brothers and Tex Avery. The film took writer/director Dan Brown two years to complete. Principal cast: Tasha Smith and John Armstrong (voice over).
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Mickey and Maria
Twenty year old Maria goes to a birthday party in hopes of escaping her troubles. She has just broken up with her immature boyfriend and has become disenchanted with men and love. That is until nine year old Mickey offers her the most romantic proposal ever. Directed by Steffen Reuter. Principal cast: Stefanie Stappenbeck and Max Schmuckert.

The Aviatrix
Anne has no friends, lives with her mother and has cancer. Her escape from reality exists in the form of The Aviatrix, an intergalactic superhero alter ego who rockets through space to fight the power of evil on distant planets. Anne’s fantasy world is her only way of experiencing adventure and romance in her lonely life until Miles shows up. Written and directed by Virginia T. Burton. Principal cast: Jessica Robertson, Nicholas Yedinak and Barbara Chisholm.
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