Bleed to Love Her

Shadow of a Doubt
Liv wants to fall in love, but choosing to love another person means having to confront your inner doubts and fears. Commitment is frightening when running away seems like an easier option for a young couple of the cusp of a big decision. Written and directed by Esben Tonnesen. Principal cast: Rita Angela, Nicolei Faber, Anders Hove and Sara Quist.

Ellie, After the Love
Would you die for love? After the death of a young man due to suspicious circumstances, a seductress is brought in for interrogation. It is soon discovered the woman has eerie connections with other men who have also died mysteriously. The detective wants to expose her secrets and understand the seductive power she has over men. The trap has been set, but by whom? Written and directed by Vincent Guillemot. Principal cast: Flora Thomas and Simon Homme.

Bleed to Love Her 18 August,2015ImageMakers

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