We’re Desperate (Get Used To It)

This episode includes:

Checkmate by Navarro Aydemir
Northeast Front by Angela Torres Camarena
A Doctor’s Job by Julio Ramos

Jan learns that staying in an asylum can make anyone crazy. He challenges his evaluator to a game of chess to prove that he should be released. The stakes could not be higher in this tense battle of wills. Written, edited, and directed by Navarro Aydemir. Principal cast: Gergo Danka, Shakyra Dowling, Daniel Wiltshire, Sibel Unver, Alex Murphy, and Adam Cunningham.
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Northeast Front
In a city held hostage by drug cartels, a hard-working single mother supports her kids all on her own. Her son has gotten in trouble and as a result she must to pay off his debt to a drug dealer. Suddenly up against an unthinkable threat, she does everything in her power to keep her family safe and alive in this heart-stopping true story. Written, edited, and directed by Angela Torres Camarena. Principal cast: Evangelina Sosa, Luis Felipe Tovar, Edgar Orozco, and Octavio Lowry.
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A Doctor’s Job
In order to make ends meet, a stubborn but caring emergency room physician has to moonlight as a taxi driver. His pride and ethics are challenged everyday. He is used to life and death situations in the hospital, but when they bleed over into his taxi job, things get really hairy. Will this be his worst day on the job or the answer to all of his prayers? Written and directed by Julio Ramos. Principal cast: Miguel Iza, Luis Menezes, and Christian Ojeda.
– To read an interview with the filmmaker, go to manhattanshort.com.
– See the film’s IMDb entry at imdb.com.

Watch Checkmate again:

Checkmate from Navarro Aydemir on Vimeo.

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