View Ryan Malloy's short film, Plasticity, which profiles three innovators who are redefining the use of urban space in San Francisco.

Roz (and Joshua)

View Charlene Music's short film, Roz (and Joshua), which tells the story of a mother's love for her child.


Filmmaker Susan Rivo reveals her lifelong attachment and deep bond with a stuffed animal received at birth in this poignant and hilarious personal narrative.

Impossible Light

Transforming the Bay Bridge into the world's largest LED light sculpture, visionary artist Leo Villareal leads a small team through the trials and tribulations of actualizing The Bay Lights installation in Impossible Light.

Last Day of Freedom

Bill Babbitt supported the death penalty until it came knocking at his door. In this richly animated personal narrative, one man makes a decision to stand by his brother in the face of war, crime and capital punishment.

Chickens in the City

Chickens in the City is a chicken-level view of backyard coops in San Francisco. The film playfully explores the ways in which keeping chickens has helped shape the philosophies behind what and how urban chicken-owners eat. When is the last time you looked YOUR dinner in the eye?

Ladies of the Gridiron

View Briana Young's short film, Ladies of the Gridiron, which needles into the huddle for a full-impact look at one of the final frontiers of gender equality: women's tackle football.

Adult Beginner Ballet

View Michelle Ortega's short film, Adult Beginner Ballet, a portrait of Kathy Mata, who is determined to teach adults the beautiful and technically challenging art of ballet.


In SLOMO, a former neurologist recreates himself as a Venice Beach regular. SLOMO is part of the episode Truly CA Shorts: State of Discovery, which features five short films exploring the California experience.

Full-time Ministry

Full-time Ministry shares ice sculpting with a message and is part of the episode Truly CA Shorts: State of Discovery, which features five short films exploring the California experience.

Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton

Poet and filmmaker James Broughton (1913-1999) lived by the motto "follow your own weird." His remarkable story spans the Beat generation, his escape to Europe during the McCarthy years and his ascendancy as a revered bard of sexual liberation.

First Friday

Oakland has been rated a top travel destination ... and one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. Once a month, those two realities meet at First Friday, an immersive art and community experience.


The people of Darwin, CA (population 35) coexist without government, a church, jobs or children. Together with their fellow outsiders and eccentrics, they enjoy the freedom of isolation in California's Death Valley.

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