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Answers to many of the questions we receive are available on the following pages:

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Member Services

tel: (415) 553-2150
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Member Services & FAQ

Major Donors:
tel: (415) 553-2300
fax: (415) 553-2174

Legacy Gift Planning:

Bequests, Retirement Plans, Life Income Gifts, and other legacy gifts
(415) 553-2230
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DeLinda Mrowka, Vice President, Corporate Sponsorship
(415) 553-2145

Foundation and Government Support:

Christopher Perrius, Director, Foundation and Government Support:
tel: (415) 553-3318


Live Assistance:

M-F 9am-5pm
(415) 553-2135
After hours, recorded information.

Television FAQ

Answers to many of the questions we receive are available at Television Help

Closed Captioning:

For immediate and written closed captioning concerns please contact
Alice Miller, Manager Television Broadcast Operations
tel: (415) 553-2842
fax: (415) 553-2895

PBS Ombudsman

Contact Page


Live assistance and audio/transcript information:

M-F 9am-5pm
88.5 FM San Francisco
(415) 553-2129
89.3 FM Sacramento
(916) 570-0215
After hours, recorded information.

Radio FAQ

Answers to many of the questions we receive are available at Radio Help

Stream/Podcast FAQ

Answers to many of the questions we receive are available at Stream/Podcast Help

KQED-Produced Radio Programs


tel: (415) 553-2361
fax: (415) 553-2118

The California Report

comment line: (415) 553-2240
newsroom tel: (415) 553-2361


toll free call-in: (866) 733-6786
email us your comments
comments line: (415) 553-3300


tel: (415) 553-2108
fax: (415) 553-2241

NPR General Questions:

Contact Page

Non KQED-Produced Radio Programs Contact Info

For contact information for non KQED-produced programs, please find the individual program page using our Radio Programs A-Z Directory, then look for the “Visit the program’s official website” link in the gray box.


tel: (800) 723-3566
fax: (415) 553-2192

Press and Communications

KQED Pressroom:
Please send news story ideas to our Newsroom via the form above.

Community Engagement

(800) 723-3566


KQED Main Headquarters

2601 Mariposa Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
main desk telephone 9am-5pm:
(415) 864-2000

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Mailing Address for San Jose Office

KQED Silicon Valley Office
50 W San Fernando Street, Suite 110
San Jose, CA 95113-2415

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