That’s Just Love Sneakin’ Up On You

This episode includes:

Table 7 by Marko Slavnic and Andrew McDonald
Cataplexy by John Salcido
Crossword by Vincent Gallagher

Table 7
A couple with relationship issues has an intimate conversation in an Asian restaurant, unaware that their every word is secretly being monitored. Directed by Marko Slavnic and Andrew McDonald. Principal cast: Ray Rosales, Stephanie Lozos and Isaac Kim.
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Sidney suffers from cataplexy, an unusual medical condition where he becomes literally paralyzed when he is overcome with emotion. Rather than take that chance, he relies on impersonal sexual encounters to meet his physical needs. One night he is embarrassed to discover the call girl at his front door is an old friend from high school. The film was done as part of a competition where the film went from concept to screen in just 72 hours. Directed by John Salcido. Principal cast: Dave Tenenbaum and Michelle Noh.
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Heather is single with very few friends except for the barmaid in the pub she frequents after work everyday. Her favorite pastime is doing crossword puzzles. On the eve of her 40th birthday, she has a strange experience when all the answers to the day’s crossword seem to be around her. Is it magic, coincidence or something else? In a crossword — just like in life — when lines meet and paths converge it is not a matter of luck, but rather part of a greater plan. The film was directed by Vincent Gallagher. Principle cast: Louise Lewis, Mark O’Shaughnessy, Maire Hastings, Andrew Bennett, and Kevin McDonough.
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