One of Those Days

Home Game
A film about the hardest, most common fight of all — and you’ve got ringside seats! Fans cheer wildly until their guy commits an inexcusable foul: hitting the snooze button. Written and directed by Martin Lund. Principal cast: Geir Atle Johnsen, Jorn Westerheim and Kenneth Fredheim.
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Nothing Serious
The fate of a jet airliner lies with a pilot instructor on the ground. Cell phone in hand, he talks the flight attendant through the procedure for landing the plane. Wouldn’t you know it, the cell phone cuts out on him! Modern technology: where would we be without it? He frantically searches for a phone booth to reconnect with the attendant. This award winning film, with amazing special effects, is written and directed by Renaud Philipps. Principal cast: Jean Dujardin and Artus de Penguern.
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A super slacker buys a cloning machine in an ingenious attempt to get out of doing his own housework. But the clone doesn’t fall far from the copy machine, so to speak, and he finds himself in charge of a brood of equally lazy selves in this slacker comedy. Chris Waitt directs himself, and himself, and himself in this technically impressive short comedy. Also starring Danielle McLeod.
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