Unlikely Heroes

Super Powers
A young couple tries to spice up their sex life by dressing up as super heroes. Flirtation turns to panic when a friend of the family realtor brings potential buyers to check out their apartment. Forced to use the fire escape, they run through the downtown streets of New York. The couple put their costumes to good use and end up saving more than their marriage. Directed by Jeremy Kipp Walker and John Mitchell. Principal cast: Jay Klaitz, Laura Nordin and Sondra James.
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Hiro is a shy, awkward Japanese entomologist who spends his time and money collecting rare insects. His obsession takes him to Canada, where he has arranged to purchase a rare beetle from a local insect smuggler. Things don’t go exactly as planned. After a chance encounter with a beautiful young lady, he finds himself thrust into a wild chase to recover a stolen beetle from a gang of Japanese mobsters. Hiro becomes a reluctant participant in a strange adventure he will not soon forget. The quirky comedy/gangster film has won numerous film festival awards. Matthew wants it known that no bugs were harmed in the making of the film. Principal cast: Hiro Kanagawa, Vicky Huang, William Samples, Suguru Asaoka and Darryl Quon.
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