Nice Guys Finish First

This episode includes:

No Mail by Kenn and Simon MacRae
Amber Amulet by Matthew Moore

No Mail
Small minds in a small town attempt to ostracize the new postman, who happens to be Muslim, and their actions divide the town. When the postman’s co-workers rally behind him the residents are forced to face the same exclusion they imposed on him. Be careful what you wish for because there is a good chance you’ll get it. Directed by Kenn and Simon MacRae. Principal cast: Rodney Afif, Martin Vaughan, Fiona Press and Susie Porter.
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Amber Amulet
Meet Liam, a lonely twelve year old boy whose alter ego is the Masked Avenger, a superhero with powers so potent, not even he can fully comprehend their extent. Dressed in his superhero outfit and accompanied by his best friend, Richie the Power-Beagle, the Masked Avenger roams his neighborhood putting things right. There is a damsel in distress in the house down the block. It’s time to spring into action. This is the story about a special amulet made of amber and the potential that is locked inside all of us to do good. Written, produced and directed by Matthew Moore. The film won the top prize at the Berlin International Film Festival 2013. Based on the short story by Craig Silvey. Principal cast: Ed Oxenbould, Genevieve Hegney (who also coproduced and wrote the film), Eliza Logan and Nash Edgerton.
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