Modern Love

High Maintenance
Jane’s marriage has become routine and boring. She’s frustrated and unhappy. Her sex life is robotic. Fortunately, this story takes place in the future and technical advances has provided the answer — it’s time for an upgrade! This film received a Student Academy Award and was directed by NYU Film student Phillip Van. Cast: Nicolette Krebitz and Wanja Mues.
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The department store is a microcosm for suburban life. A married couple argues incessantly in canned goods while two people make a romantic connection in lingerie. Writer/director Philippe Lioret asks does marriage spell the end to happiness and great sex? Cast: Veronique Balme, Bruno Bayeux, Annelise Hesme, and Yvon Martin.

A man who has nothing. A woman who has everything — including shoes, lots of shoes. Guess what happens when they move in together: the ultimate battle of wills. Their apartment becomes a battlefield, and the war between the sexes begins. Written and directed by Karl Raudsepp-Hearne. Cast: Linda Roessler and Martin Thibaudeau.

A single word reminds two old people of their youth, their love and how far they have come together. Written and directed by Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen. Principal cast: Ruth Gurholt, Thor Ivsersen, Gry Olsen Ulrichsen, and John Kristian Hansen.
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