Lost in Suburbia

Fueling the Fire
Two cars, one containing a white woman with kids and the other with an elderly African American couple, pull up at the same time to fill up at the gas station. Both become witnesses to a robbery and murder. Influenced by their social backgrounds, prejudices and life experiences, each has a different view of what went down. Although both are convinced of what they saw, do either of their views have any connection to reality? Writer/director Tanja Mairitsch produced commercials in her native Austria before coming to America to attend film school at UCLA and the American Film Institute. The film won a Director’s Guild of America Award and stars Amy Moon and Darrow Igus.

Car Park
Life is absurd — so let’s go shopping! Are you fed up with modern relationships? Why is it so hard to communicate with your partner? And why can’t you find a parking space when you really need one? An everyday jaunt to the mall results in a dramatic change in two couples’ lives as they get separated in the parking lot maze. When the adventure ends, will they both have gotten what they came for? Directed by Darcy Yuille. Principle cast: Alison Standen, Morgan O’Neill, Jack Finsterer and Justine Clarke.
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