Bittersweet Symphony of Life

Goodnight Irene
Life is one big waiting room — what are you waiting for? Irene is an old Seminole woman spending what feels like an eternity in the waiting room of the reservation health clinic. She meets two young men, one a construction worker in his mid-40s, the other a punk in his 20s. Through their conversations, the three strangers gradually become aware of the assimilation of the American Indian. They also come face to face with the sad truth that their culture is rapidly disappearing. Written and directed by Oklahoma University grad Sterlin Harjo, who belongs to the Creek and Seminole Nations. Cast: Casey Camp Horinek, Jon Proudstar and Robert Guthrie.

Lather Rinse Repeat
Life is filled with many vexing questions. Has it ever occur to you that life is a circus and we are all just clowns? What would you rather have: good soup or good sex? Why do other family’s arguments always look silly compared to our own? And, the most important question, how far will you go to get the last word? Written and directed by Matthew Martin. Principle cast: Jeff Stazer, Victoria Profeta, Troy Garity, John Fortson, Marshall Bell and Sharon Madden.

Bittersweet Symphony of Life 5 August,2015ImageMakers

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