Lost and Found

This episode includes:

The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan
Ink by Justine Wallace

The Lost Thing
A boy discovers a bizarre looking creature while out collecting bottle caps one day at the beach. Realizing it is lost, he tries to find out where it belongs, but everyone else is too busy or wrapped up in their own life to care. The boy decides it is up to him to find its home. The surreal animation comes from the mind of children’s book writer Shaun Tan who also directed this 2011 Academy Award winning film. A beautiful allegory exploring how we take for granted the world around us and how we ourselves at times feel like we don’t belong.
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– For more information about the film, go to thelostthing.com.
– Watch an interview with the filmmaker, below.

A graffiti artist uses art to come to terms with a long lost toy and a stolen childhood. As she reflects back on what might have been, she struggles to trust or get close to anyone. One day her work attracts the attention of a young man. He identifies with the image and feels a strong bond with her. Tracking her down will not be easy. Can two wounded souls find the courage to piece together the confusing fragments of the past that may lead to some resolution and healing? Written and directed by Justine Wallace. Narrated by Cassandra Magrath.

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Watch an interview with the filmmaker of The Lost Thing:

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