Diamonds and Rust

The first signs of infidelity: secretive behavior, uncharacteristic changes in appearance, a marked decrease in sexual interest, but probably the most telling sign is they seem a lot happier than you. Michael is learning the hard way about cheating spouses. As a young boy his father told him to learn from other people’s mistakes? because there is no way you can live long enough to make them all yourself. Will he be wise enough to take this sage advice to heart? Written and directed by Steve Judge. Cast: Tim Dutton, Vanessa Spiro and Markus Napier.
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Take Me Somewhere Else
Jorge and Patricia are a married couple whose relationship has seen better days. As they drive down the highway, she decides to break the rut they are in by playing a game. She sees a hitchhiker along the road and urges Jorge to offer him a ride. Little does she know the ramifications of her action. Sometimes, when one peels away the layers to get to the truth, there is nothing but darkness. Directed by David Martin de los Santos and starting Jose Luis Garcia-Perez and Belen Lopez.

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