Chance Encounters

On Time
A young man sits dumbstruck in an airport terminal. His fiancĂ© has refused his offer of marriage. A traveling salesman sits next to him and offers to sell him a remarkable invention. In his suitcase is a product that will allow him to see thirty seconds into the future. A pretty outlandish claim, or so he thinks, until he witnesses it in action. Had he had this before, he could have prevented his current broken heart, but is knowing the future all it’s cracked up to be? Directed by Ted Chung. Principal cast: Kai Albrecht, Peter Farkas, Sabine Krause and Greta Galisch de Palma.
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A sheltered suburban wife accidentally hits a car in a bad part of town. Expecting the worst, she is shocked when three transvestites emerge from the car. She reluctantly accepts a ride home from these complete strangers. She comes face to face with her own fears and prejudices. We all play roles and wear costumes. The question is do you play the role or does the role play you? Based on a true story. Prior to directing and writing this short film, Jenny Bicks produced and wrote numerous episodes of Sex and the City. Principal cast: Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls), Joe Holt, Joey Cee and Michael Benjamin Washington.

Itsy Bitsy
David is having a hard time getting up the nerve to ask his girlfriend to marry him. After another sleepless night, he goes into the kitchen for a midnight snack only to find he is not alone. He discovers you can’t always pick the perfect time or place to pop the question. The only thing standing between him and the love of his life is a spider … a REALLY BIG spider. Written, produced and directed by David May with amazing visual effects by Paul Hargrave. Principal cast: Brett Simmons and Amanda Zarr.
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