You Should Be Paranoid

This episode includes:

Out of Erasers by Eric Rosenlund
88:88 by Joey Ciccoline

Out of Erasers
A woman becomes the victim of a strange “scribble” infection whose only cure is to physically erase the virus. Hysteria results when the town’s eraser factory goes up in flames. After struggling to keep safe from the virus’s reach, she must deal with the possibility that things will never be the same. A creative and arresting live action/animation blend which updates classic cold war paranoia with contemporary obsessions with viral attacks. Written, edited and directed by Eric Rosenlund.
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Val has lost control of her life and has cut herself off from family and friends. She feels they are all in denial about the events happening in the world today. Despite her pleas, her warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Realizing she must take a stand, she has only one remaining option — fight back. What starts as the ramblings of a crazy woman turns in to an intense and suspenseful validation of her fears. Directed by Joey Ciccoline. Principal cast: Rachel Kahne.
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