Woman to Woman

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Dotty by Mick Andrews and Brett O’Gorman
Kiruna Kigali by Goran Kapetanovic

Sitting on her bed in a nursing home, a stubborn old woman struggles to send an important text message to her daughter. When her morning cup of tea arrives, Dotty manages to rope someone else into her endless battle with her cell phone. Through stubborn persistence, love conquers technology. Directed by Mick Andrews and Brett O’Gorman. Principal cast: Joyce Irving and Alison Bruce. Joyce fulfilled a lifelong dream of acting in a movie. It took her 91 years to do it, but she did it.
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Kiruna Kigali
Sweden / Rwanda
In the midst of a snowstorm, a woman is driving her way to the hospital in Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden. Under the scorching sun in a remote village near Kigali, Rwanda, another woman is being carried to the nearest hospital on a stretcher by the village boys. Two single mothers to be on the verge of giving birth are separated by thousands of miles, but share the same fear of childbirth and being a single parent. Written, produced and directed by Goran Kapetanovic. Principal cast: Malin Crepin, Mukundente Fiona and Assad Kasasa.
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