The Family Dynamic

This episode includes:

Boogaloo and Graham by Michael Lennox
Head Over Heels by Timothy Reckart

Boogaloo and Graham
In 1970s Belfast, two young boys discover the facts of life with the aid of their pet chickens. Jamesy and Malachy are over the moon when their soft-hearted Dad presents them with two baby chicks to care for, but the two boys are in for a shock when their parents announce that big changes are coming to the family. Directed by Michael Lennox. The film was nominated for a 2015 Oscar. Principal cast: Martin McCann, Charlene McKenna, Riley Hamilton and Aaron Lynch.
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Head Over Heels
England / USA
After many years of marriage, Walter and Madge have grown apart. To make matters worse, he lives on the floor, she lives on the ceiling. When Walter tries to reignite their old romance, it brings their equilibrium crashing down. The couple that can’t agree which way is up must find a way to put their relationship back together. Written and directed by Timothy Reckart. The stop motion animation was nominated for an Oscar in 2013.
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