The Best of Our Youth

Everything that ends up at Brian’s car repair shop is broken down including his relationship with his father, ex-partner and his little daughter. Wise to his procrastination, his ex hands over their five year old daughter, Rosie, to stay with Daddy until the clutch is fixed. He’s behind in his work, he can’t get the part for a few days and a mechanic’s workshop is no place for a fairy princess — or is it? Directed by Jackie Shulz. Cast: Brendan Cowell, Tony Barry, Anna Lise Phillips and Claudia Silvia.

Rain Is Falling
Based on a short story by Iranian author Mahtab Ebrahimzadeh, a young girl goes to extraordinary means to care for her sick mother. In a time in which all borders of ethnic, religious and cultural differences are being questioned, this beautifully shot film reveals that we all want the same thing. With humanity and quiet grace, this eloquent and deceptively simple film speaks volumes about love and devotion. The actions taken when no one is looking uncover the true power of humanity. Director Holger Ernst shot the award winning film in Morocco. Cast: Fadma Ettagoum, Zehra Ettagoum and Abdellah Ettagoum.

More Than the World
A poor hunter has only known the love of his faithful companion dog. That is, until the day he meets the girl of his dreams. But this love comes with a high price. The award winning film was written, directed and edited by Lautaro Nunez De Arco. Cast: Jose Luis Nunez, Betun, Nadia Cristaldo, Victor Hugo Carrizo and Italo Damiano.
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