Stop Making Sense

This episode includes:

Mr. Foley by Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman
Short Film About Ice Fishing by Jason Shahinfar
We Love Our Clients by Beppe Tufarulo
Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak

Mr. Foley
During movie credits did you ever wonder what the Foley Artist does? Wonder no more as this brilliant film shows the devil (and the fun) is in the details of making movies. A man awakens in a hospital bed to find he has lost his hearing. Well, not really. He can hear, but it comes with a catch. Written and directed by Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman. Principal cast: Mark Doherty, Paraic Breathnach, Paul Connaughton and Louise Lenihan.
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Short Film About Ice Fishing
What could be more relaxing than a spot of ice fishing with your buddy and his dog? Note to self … never a good idea to mix ice fishing, beer, guns and dynamite. Unfortunately, two clueless friends decide to do just that with hilarious results. Written and directed by Jason Shahinfar. Principal cast: Levi Adema and Zach Engelhart.
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We Love Our Clients
The tedium of working the nightshift is no match for the ingenious clerks that work at an all-night grocery store. The employees do a whole lot more than stack the grocery aisles. Unsuspecting shoppers are in for quite of a surprise once they get to the checkout line. Directed by Beppe Tufarulo. Principal cast: Giampiero Judica, Lucia Mascino, Francesco Mandelli, Maurizio Lombardi and Hal Yamanouchi.
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Centrifuge Brain Project
The centrifuge brain project is a scientific experiment that started in the 1970s. It involves an amusement park to enhance people’s brain capacity (or in other words blow your mind). The goal is to create an experience of total freedom, cutting all connection to the laws of gravity (and reality). Written and directed by Till Nowak. This is Nowak’s second film to appear on Imagemakers (his first was the animation Delivery in season five). Principal cast: Leslie Barany.
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