My So Called (Animated) Life

The Legend of the Scarecrow
A scarecrow wonders why the birds that constantly cross his path refuse to befriend him. When a blind bird accidentally falls into his field and tells him the reason why, the scarecrow decides to change his life. He takes fate into his own hands but pays a high price for freedom. The award winning animation is directed and written by NYU film graduate Marco Besas. The style of the film is an affectionate tribute to the work of Tim Burton and is based on a Spanish folk tale. Narrated by Sancho Gracia.
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There is a thin line between genius and madness. Pioneering animator Ryan Larkin produced some of the most influential animated films of his time, yet now he fights an alcohol problem. Reduced to begging on the downtown streets in Montreal, he is now an artist who is no longer able to create. The 2005 Academy Award winning short combines breathtaking and surrealist animation with the documentary form to create a one of a kind film. Director Chris Landreth went into animation as a second career after a stint as an engineer with a master’s degree in theoretical and applied mechanics.
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