My Precious Daughter

A secret agent is contacted by another spy to find the daughter he hasn’t seen for 18 years. Contacting the daughter will expose their covert identities. In spite of the risks at stake he accepts. He tracks her down and his thoughts go back to his own daughter who thinks he is also dead. Word has gotten out and a contract has been put out on both of the men’s lives. How much are they willing to risk to see their daughters? Written and directed by brothers Louis and Jesse Salto with a beautiful music score by Sebastien Galina. Louis was born in Mill Valley, California. Jesse was born in Katmandu, Nepal. Their mother is Danish and their father is Polish. The globetrotting brothers now call France home. Principal cast: Robert Dauney, Terence Bulley, Gabriella Wright, Danny Verissimo and Joe Sheridan.
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Fair Trade
The shortest distance and at the same time the most obvious divide between Europe and the Third World is the Straits of Gibraltar. Anything can be bought here for the right price. A young woman from Spain has come with a shocking request. Is a fair trade in the offing? Written, produced and directed by Michael Dreher. Principal cast: Judith Engel and Barnaby Metschurat.
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