Modern Times

This episode includes:

Das Tub by James Cunningham
Watching by Max Myers
Above the Knee by Greg Atkins

Das Tub
New Zealand
Lost in the frozen depths of the ocean, a German submarine crew find themselves encountering objects stranger than they can fathom. The truth turns their world topsy-turvy leaving them literally and figuratively in over their heads. A satiric homage to the classic German feature Das Boot. Directed by James Cunningham.
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A young man sits alone in a cafĂ© spying on the cute waitress not knowing that he himself is being watched. When a stranger approaches him and strikes up a conversation, he is given an opportunity that could change his life forever. Opportunities present themselves for the briefest of moments. If you miss them they don’t come back, but is the risk worth it? Directed by Max Myers. Principal cast: Ian Hart, Charlie Cattrall, and Susannah Fielding.
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Above the Knee
Jack’s restrictive suit and tie career has never been a good fit for him. His home and love life is also in a rut. A radical shake up is in order. When he breaks the mold at work by dressing differently, all of his relationships miraculously improve and actually sets his colleagues free to also express themselves. Director, writer, and producer Greg Atkins tackles sexual politics and the tyranny of gender conformity with a wry comedic touch. Principal cast: Stephen Bogeart, Naomi Sniekus, Allen Altman, and Victoria Adilman.
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