Love Fool

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0507 by Chris and Ben Blaine
Lunch Date by Sasha Collington
Gemology by Rick Limintani

Who says technology makes your life easier? There’s an app for everything except when it comes to your boyfriend’s stupidity. Directed and edited by Chris and Ben Blaine. Principal cast: Fraser Millward and Cariad Lloyd.
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Lunch Date
Getting dumped always hurts … even more so when your boyfriend sends his fourteen-year-old brother to break the news to you. Annabelle believes everyone is a half — a half that is looking for its other half to make a whole. What if you never find your other half? Written and directed by Sasha Collington. Principal cast: Sasha Collington and Alexis de Vivenot.
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Erick is a young gemologist who works for a company that specializes in classifying diamonds. He and his colleagues spend long hours analyzing the imperfections of these precious stones, until one day he believes he has found the perfect diamond despite evidence to the contrary. He loses his job, but comes to the realization that imperfections are what give character and make something special and unique. This goes for diamonds … and for people. Written and directed by Rick Limintani. Principal cast: Alex Barahona and Rebecca Cobos.
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