Love and Philosophy

Love and Roadkill
Your car breaks down on an isolated country road. Your cell phone dies. A strange man stops and asks you if you need any help. What would you do? Fear and trust are essential human traits, but can also build a wall between people. Director John David Allen examines the power of human compassion as well as the meaning of lifeall in just 14 minutes. Based on the one act play by Rose Caruso. Principal cast: Madeleine Potter and Bill Camp.
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That and Everything Else
A young couple is going through a rough patch in their relationship. One minute they make each other laugh. The next minute they make each other cry. They can’t figure out if they are fighting to break up or fighting to stay together. Love can be so frustrating. Why is love such hard work? Written, directed and animated by Patrick Boivin. Principal cast: Karine Lagueux, Louis Tremblay, Gyslain Tremblay, Raymond Cloutier and Olivier Bolduc.
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