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Love Song of Iskra Prufrock by Lucy Gaffy
Visiting Hours by Steve Hughes

Love Song of Iskra Prufrock
Iskra Prufrock is a Croatian refugee who works as an X-ray technician. In an effort to recover from her violent past, she has made her life one of ritual with little contact with others. She finds her life a lonely one. That is until she meets Leo. Nothing in her life has been easy, and she soon learns, neither is love. Written and directed by Lucy Gaffy. Principal cast: Victoria Haralabidou and Luke Elliot.
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Visiting Hours
A man wakes up after 15 days in a coma and is told by his wife they have been in a serious car accident. As Paul’s memory slowly returns, they realize they have a difficult decision to make that will test the depth of their love. Written, edited and directed by Steve Hughes. Principal cast: Danny Webb and Alexandra Boyd.
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