Family Is Everything

This episode includes:

Great Adventures by Gerard Lambkin
Grandpa and Me and a Helicopter to Heaven by Johan Palmgren and Asa Blanck
Cold Blood by Martin Thibaudeau

Great Adventures
Grandma thinks Billy and his granddad are in the living room. She couldn’t be more wrong. A sweeping suburban epic that celebrates the power of imagination and the bond between generations. Produced and directed by Gerard Lambkin. Principal cast: Levi Miller, Jack Henry, Anthony Edwards and Colleen Saunders.
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Grandpa and Me and a Helicopter to Heaven
The relationship between a remarkably perceptive young boy and his wise, bedridden grandfather overflows with humor, warmth and love. They share jokes, talk love, sex and politics, and enjoy each other’s company as only best friends can. As the old man senses that he has reached the end of his days, he takes his grandson into the forest in search of a special mushroom. With a light touch and an extraordinary sense for the fleeting moments in life, the film offers a moving reflection on being young and old; living and dying; and the legacy we leave behind. Directed by Johan Palmgren and Asa Blanck.
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Cold Blood
A stressed and exhausted mother brings her terrified son to the hospital. A poignant tale about the sacrifices we unquestionably make for family. Written and directed by Martin Thibaudeau. Principal cast: Julie Roussel and Andre Kasper Kolstad.
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