Face Your Fear

A Monk’s Awakening
A young monk on a journey to deliver a sacred sword back to his venerated master is challenged by a samurai. The monk begs the samurai to spare his life, promising the samurai he will return to fight once he has accomplished his mission. Once back at the temple, the monk’s elderly master orders him to keep his promise to return to confront the samurai – much to the monk’s astonishment. He’s desperate. He’s facing certain death. What will he do? A visually ravishing film written, produced and directed by Marc-Olivier Louveau. Cast: Chau Belle Dinh, Malik Faroun, Jim-Adhl Limas and Issoji.

A young man. A young woman. Two soul mates. A brief, sensual ride through the rapture and realities of love. Passionate daydreams provide an escape hatch from their daily routines. But who is the dreamer and who is the dream? Directed, produced and written by Elyse Couvillion. The evocative idea came to her while listening to Tchaikovsky’s “Coffee” from “The Nutcracker” ballet. Elyse has worked as camera assistant for such big name directors as Barry Levinson and Peter Weir. Her cameraman, Allen Daviau has been nominated for 5 Academy Awards and has worked on such films as E.T. and The Color Purple. Cast: Fraizer Bain, Heather Pendergast.
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