Be Still My Heart

This episode includes:

Voice Over by Martin Rosete
Rhino Full Throttle by Erik Schmitt

Voice Over
There are unforgettable moments in one’s life that take your breath away. Here are three of them. No, make that four… or is it one? Confused? So is the narrator who jumps from one heart-thumping story to another. He argues with himself until he finally figures out what tale he is really trying to tell. Directed by Martin Rosete. Principal cast: Jonathan Mellor (playing the main three characters), Javier Cidoncha, and Luna Montignier Pereiro.
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Rhino Full Throttle
Bruno roams the streets of Berlin trying to find the soul of the city when a beautiful tourist highjacks his thought process in this deceptively simple but visually creative love story. Driven by curiosity, his wild imagination and his unique take on reality, Bruno reveals his love affair with Berlin and his infatuation with a mysterious woman. Directed by Erik Schmitt. Principal cast: Tino Mewes and Marleen Lohse.
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